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Courses in Natural Horsemanship Dates 2017

This season's dates will be available shortly

All Courses are groundwork based for owners and non-owners except the Safe Hacking Course

The focus for each course is designed to help you understand what is involved in a healthy relationship with your horse.

We recommend starting with the Partnership Path which will greatly enhance your knowledge of what the horse really needs in your Herd of Two.

Learn new ways to increase your confidence through the Natural Art of Horsemanship. Discover the steps that help you build a special Horse and Rider Partnership experience.

THE PARTNERSHIP PATH the Building Blocks for a Trust Based Relationship.

Since horses are non-verbal animals, the meaning of their communication is often a mystery. Understanding what they think, and why they do certain things, or show a particular behaviour is empowering.

A safe and enjoyable relationship on the ground and in the saddle develops when you understand the components of the Partnership Path.

We are really looking forward to introducing you to the effectiveness of the Partnership Components, the building blocks for a Trust Based Relationship.


When we discover inner peace and learn to be still, we become grounded with improved focus and concentration. We are able to make heart centred decisions with horses through our feelings and intuition without over thinking.

Introducing Horse Wisdom into our lives shows us the value of being present, particularly around horses. Clarity of communication happens naturally when we are in the moment with greater body and spatial awareness.


 Walking With Horses is a voyage of discovery in becoming present, developing healthy relationships through learning how to let go of our agendas and just be. 

Experience the power beyond verbal communication and living in the moment for an entire day.

When we walk with horses, they help bring balance and harmony to our lives, teaching us to quiet our minds and become tuned to our inner stillness.

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mysafecobs horses standing together

LESSONS FROM THE HERD: Camping with horses


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We are so pleased to be running this course with Michael, a ground driving Master with a huge amount of patience with humans and animals. His calm, gentle energy will help you relax as he guides you in taking up the reins.
Knowing how to ground drive successfully is a valuable horsemanship skill. It's an effective way to communicate with your horse and a great confidence builder.

A thorough education in ground driving, is a big help for both horse and rider. It’s a great way to gain a horse’s trust. When the time arrives for your first ride, a young horse who has been taught to ground-drive is a safer animal through being accustomed to sounds behind him and the long lines rubbing his sides. It helps with turning, stopping, and going forward to a signal from behind. Ground-driving is a good way to teach verbal cues like Whoa and Back as well as the basics of impulsion and direction.

Teaching the signals for turning right and left, using subtle rein pressure, is a lot easier for the horse to understand without the weight of a rider. You can overcome steering problems and prevent them developing. Horses of any age can improve immensely from this type of groundwork. A reluctance to go forward, a tendency to spin or nap can be transformed through this type of work.


Understanding Balanced Leadership will help you clearly communicate with your horse on many different levels. Being able to successfully manage your horse in different situations leads to increased confidence in each other.

Through a deeper exploration of Natural Horsemanship techniques you will become the confident leader your horse needs. This course introduces you to the effective methods we use every day for strengthening our partnership. We call this Herd Law, a fundame

Everything we do with our horses includes one or more of these elements. These three elements are performed on a daily basis within every herd. We use these elements when we connect with the horse, creating trust-based leadership.

Learn the power of creative groundwork exercises to build confidence between you in your herd of two.

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AUGUST 4th -6th

Improve your hacking abilities and ride with greater confidence outside the manege through learning effective strategies for dealing with unexpected situations.

You will have the opportunity to expose your horse to a number of graded challenges with our complete support, individually or in pairs.

Please contact us for further details and a booking form

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