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Hello and Welcome to Mysafecobs

Thank you for taking the time to browse the website. Inside you will find much to assist you whether you are already a horse owner or planning on become one. The website is full of interesting content and relevant information to assist you with every aspect of your Horsemanship journey.

We know it takes time and commitment to build a Trust Based Relationship, in fact many months can pass before the horse has developed a level of confidence sufficient for him to be a safe, reliable hack in the countryside. Team MSC is deeply committed to helping you grow your partnership beyond the confines of the ménage. Our unique Foundation Training Programme® prepares a horse for life outside the school through a systematic introduction to a variety of natural and urban surroundings. We are dedicated to helping you with an all round education for you and your horse in a relaxed supportive environment. We look forward to hearing from you.


A photograph of Bryn the horse

What We Do

We are a small team of like minded people working together to provide a sensitive programme of education for today’s leisure based horse and rider. Our unique Foundation Training System developed over four decades, successfully combines the principles of Natural Horsemanship and Classical Equitation. The horses’ psychological and physical wellbeing is supported through living as naturally as possible in a mixed herd. Our philosophy of Guided Leadership allows each horse the time to develop trust within the relationship in a harmonious environment.

"A horse will never tire of a rider who possesses both tact and sensitivity because he will never be pushed beyond his possibilities."
-Nuno Oliveira

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