Hi Avril,

We have never met but I bought a horse in 2006 and I know you had originally trained her before she came to me and I wondered if you'd like to hear what Minnie, now in her teens, is up to!

When I bought her 5 years ago, I was looking for a total sweetie to handle and ride, and something that was of small stature so my two disabled kids would not be overwhelmed and Minnie was perfect! She has served everyone well over the last few years, doing lead rein, teaching Chris the very basic bits of riding alone in a school and doing long hacks with and without company as well as sponsored rides and the odd show with me.

She has now moved jobs again, and she is at a yard where I volunteer, working with children and teenagers who are struggling socially and emotionally and who may have been excluded from school etc. It's run by a Christian charity called JAC (Just Around the Corner) in Berkshire.

I just wanted you to know that all these years on she is still a true safecob and is working in her own kind and gentle way at her new job. She is truly the best horse I have ever known, and whilst she is not ever going to win prizes for any discipline, she is worth a million pounds to me, my kids and all the kids who she is helping now.

We will never sell her, but I thought you'd like to know how she is getting on! I'm getting the newsletter as I'm dreaming about finding another Minnie for my son, who looks like he is going to be over 6', and so will be a wee bit on the big side for a 14 hand pony!!

Keep up the wonderful work,

Heather, Chris, Rachel and Minnie xx

Thank you for reading