Hi Avril

Hope you are all well down at MSC. I thought I would drop you a line to let you know how William is getting on.

He is eating well! He seems to be settled in the herd of geldings, and has bonded with one of the oldies, Stanley. He's been a delight to catch, but Roo has had his nose pushed out, and I have to bring him in first, and then get William, otherwise he stands at the gate whinnying. It's worse than having children!

I have ridden him out every day, and he's been really good. He just tends to look at things, but listens to me and has gone past lots of scary things when asked to. He loves being brushed and even fell asleep when I was brushing him in a rare glimpse of sunshine. He's been out with Roo, and two other horses, and he was unfazed by the different company. He seems to completely ignore traffic. He's even started whickering when he sees me. I've done some groundwork in the arena, so he could get used to the arena, and he was very good, even when the horses in the field next to us were messing around... He just looked at them.

So it's been a really good start. I'm going to have a lesson next week, and he's having a day off in the field today.

Please would you thank Annie for doing such a great job with William for me.

Kind regards.


Thank you for reading