Hi Avril,

Just wanted to share with you an incident that happened today whilst Reggie and I were out hacking. Coming along a country lane we could hear sirens in the distance and I remarked to Reggie that some poor soul must be in trouble. All of a sudden from around the next corner there was a blast of the same and a police car came flying round the corner with lights on and sirens blaring. The driver saw us, panicked and slammed on the brakes, skidding to a stop on the gravel and making the most horrendous noise! He turned off the sound and waited but Reggie merely pricked his ears, looked at it and sauntered on in his usual 'Reggie' way on a long rein. In the short time I've had him, we have passed some of the most dreadful looking farm vehicles, massive lorries (some of which have barely slowed down) scrambler bikes, pheasants taking off from between his legs etc. and he has barely raised an eyelid, but I have never been so grateful to you as I am today. I know horses twice his age that would've had a hairy fit! Thank you so much for training him to be the brave, unflappable, sensible boy he is today and for letting me take him home. If that's not testament to your training, I don't know what is!

I love him so much Avril, he can be cheeky but in a gentle Reggie way and overall, I just think he's amazing! I almost can't believe how much he has restored my confidence in such a short time.

Lots of love from us both

Arlene xxx

Thank you for reading