Thank you for training Tinker

Hi Avril, sorry it's been so long, just wanted to let you know how Tinker is getting along. Tinker has turned into a lovely young horse, he has been ridden 5 days a week by myself and since October a young girl of 12 has started taking him to riding club at the weekends.

I'm so glad I kept him in the end, I've had several people want to buy him now and there is no way I would part with him. My friend who is quite a nervous rider borrows him once a fortnight for her instuctor to ride to hack out as part of her lesson and he is desperate to get his hands on him. He says for the type of horse he is, he has never ridden anything so responsive.

He looks so different now he is fully clipped out and hogged, I will put some photos on for you. He also has an amazing jump and to say last year I was a rider who wouldn't jump.

Anyway I just wanted to thankyou for everything. Without your help and training I don't know where my boy would be now. I have 2 beautiful safe cobs to keep me busy and a waiting list for them, when the day comes that I can no longer ride, which I am planning on being quite a long time yet.

He had 5 weeks off due to snow and ice,I fetched him in lunged him for 10 mins got on took him 2-3 times round the field then for a hack and he never put a hoof wrong, he has been back in work for a week now and seems all the better for the break.

Thanks Mel,Tinker and Paddy

Thank you for reading