My relationship with Reggie has just gone from strength to strength. He is just the sweetest boy and he really is cauterising all the wounds my previous horse left behind (through no fault of his) and they can finally heal. It might sound a bit dramatic but it really does feel like that. We are hacking out together when the weather allows, and in the last few weeks have even started jumping in the school by ourselves when it's too grim to venture out! He absolutely loves it but doesn't get all silly or fizzy. We both agree that schooling is not really for us and although we set out with good intentions, we usually give up half way through and do something more fun :)

But the best thing by far is just spending time with him as he genuinely likes to be with people and is always trying to make a connection. Jamie and Emily adore him and love to groom him and oil his hooves. Reggie reciprocates by blowing in their hair and snuffling at their necks as they work around him. All in all Avril, I could not be happier with Reggie. Even Mark loves him and, as you know, he is not horsey at all as they tend to scare him because of their size. If I'm honest, I think the family think of him more as a big dog than a horse although to be fair he does act like one the way he follows us around. That could be interesting when the day comes that we can have him at home, he's a bit too big to curl up on the end of the bed!

I'm so grateful for all the help and advice you have given us over the last few years, I'm not sure what would've happened if I hadn't stumbled across your website. I know I wouldn't be sitting here happy with my perfect horse, and he is perfect for me but I'm sure you already know that. I only wish I had come across MSC a few years earlier, I might have saved myself a lot of heartache but then I would've missed out on my beautiful Reggie.

P.S. Reggie sends his love and also a big wet kiss for Gabs too x

Best Wishes

Arlene x

Thank you for reading