Today I travelled 8 hrs fromGlasgow today too visit my horse Robson. Avril and the team kindly took him onto their Foundation Training Programme summer 2013. I was so taken back when I arrived by how relaxed and happy he was. We hacked out in not so great weather bit on the windy side :) his ears pricked forward and for the first time ever it felt like he wanted to be there with me! I cried I have to confess.

When Robson travelled down to Avril he was very untrusting and fearful of people and life in general it was heartbreaking to see him the way he was. I found Avril through a recommendation and I am so glad I did , the wealth of knowledge she and her team possess has taken many years of hard work and many horses produced to acquire. The team have spent many months of hard work to help my boy in ways I just didn't know how . It crossed my mind he might never trust again. I cannot place a value on the work that has been involved it's truly outstanding. Buying a horse was a huge investment for me financially a emotionally. Please please do not underestimate the level of work it takes to produce a horse of a lifetime because that's what Robson will be for me when he finally graduates from MSC. What price can you put on a horse of a lifetime? I know I can't come up with a figure more a word PRICELESS .

Confidence givers, Novice rides, bombproof , all words we see in adverts , all highly prized attributes by many leisure riders- thing is this type of horse isn't born, it's produced. Time and care spent teaching the horse how to be these things isn't quick or easy. If you are thinking about buying a horse please go and see Avril , she will give you open and honest advice about everything . As much as I love Robson I wish I had paid Avril a visit before I had bought him. Once Robson retires if I'm lucky enough to still be riding I know where I will be going to purchase my next horse. MSC !!!!!!

With all my heart , thank you for giving my boy his life back and giving me the horse I always wanted.



Thank you for reading