Clara is an absolute dream, I love her to bits. We have formed a lovely bond and are enjoying some great summer rides. It is so comforting to know I can ride out anytime of the day or evening and not have the worry of Clara reacting to the busy traffic especially all the farm machinery. Some of the combines are huge and she just stretches her neck up and carries on past them. She is incredibly laid back and relaxed as she is familiar with many of the routes although we are always exploring new rides. We are planning a pub ride next week which will be fun.

At the end of every day I always mention you to Clara. I have so much gratitude for you in producing such a wonderful horse and I feel so lucky to have been able to give her a new home with us on the farm. She really was worth the wait and I am sure all the other Mysafecobs owners feel the same as I do.

We hope you are all keeping well at MSC and are managing to continue with all of your amazing hard work.

Look forward to the next news letter. Lots of love Libby and Andrew xx

Thank you for reading