What Others Say

What Others Say

Hi Avril, I hope you don’t mind....

I just had to drop you an email to say how incredible I think your videos with Sage have been. I had some idea of the depths to which you take your training, but watching your vids has been amazing. Listening to you explaining why you take the trouble to ride through undergrowth that is tall and brushes their sides so they learn not to panic, hearing you explain why it is so important for them to be properly balanced, in all paces even when “just” hacking, and probably for me the most common problem riders face, of horses finding a canter something to get excited and silly about, and how you overcome this by teaching it as “work” which you repeat in short bursts – so many people get to the same old spot, often up a hill, blast up it because they feel safe uphill, and then wonder why they have problems with their horse anticipating that canter place or just finding all canters over exciting.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings – I just had to tell you how informative your videos are, every aspect makes sense to me and is so applicable to the things we encounter out hacking – if only more people felt as passionate about preparing their horses as you do.

Best wishes as always,


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