Hi Avril and Annie

Hope you are both well. I’ve been meaning to send you news of Dougal for some time and have finally got round to it! As we hoped, he has settled in nicely now and spends most of his time sleeping and rolling.

A couple of months ago we decided to take the plunge and put Dougal and Melda together in the same field. We have been incredibly anxious about this, knowing that Dougal is quite dominant and that Melda is without question an Alpha mare! Anyway there was no need, after a short spat, that Melda won hands down, they started grooming each other and have been a happy couple ever since.

Dougal loads like a dream onto our lorry and rarely puts a foot wrong. He has such extravagant paces that it has taken time for Stuart to get used to him but he is getting there and Hilary thinks he will soon be ready for his first dressage test. He has been such a good boy that even I rode him the other week which I never thought would happen!

Everywhere we go Dougal and Melda are admired – mostly for their impeccable manners and kind temperaments - so we do plenty of advertising for MSC! We hope all is going well with you – and just want to say thank you so much for producing two lovely horses who have brought such joy to a couple of ageing novices.

Best wishes

Libby & Stuart

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