Choosing Your Horse

Choosing Your Horse

Buying a horse is a major decision financially and emotionally which every owner wants to get right. It's not an easy task to choose the one which is right for you.

You tell us it’s a minefield out there with no map to warn you where the booby traps, trip wires, and snares are concealed in the buying process.

With so little really useful information on navigating your way through these uncharted waters, it’s no surprise some of you have been looking for long periods of time or find yourselves owning an entirely unsuitable horse.

Perhaps this has already happened to you or you want to avoid making a costly mistake. Maybe you despair of ever finding the right one after countess setbacks and disappointment. Wherever you are in the horse buying process it’s reassuring to know you can contact us to find out how our peerless service can help you.

We have introduced an owner request form, a PREPURCHASE QUESTIONNAIRE, which is designed to help specifically identify the most suitable type of horse for your particular situation.

Finding the right horse can be difficult especially when you have little prior experience in buying one. Our advice goes way beyond the worn out “What are you looking for ?” phrase as our growing waiting list testifies. The value our clients and followers place on the ongoing support they can rely on whether or not they own a horse is huge. We are told it is unequalled within this sector of the horse industry.

Every horse is an individual, and you will find yourself drawn more to one over another, just as in life you can get on well with a particular person, but not another. We are here to help identify a horse whose personality and energy levels complement yours, and whose movement and way of going suits you physically

If you've just started to look, you may want to further research the current market. It's easy to fall in love with the first horse you see, which can blind you to future incompatibilities. If it's your first horse you might like to explore the market before arranging a visit to us.


We notice people find it hard to relax with certain horses, especially those with a bigger personality or a particularly impressive physique. Feeling uncertain in the company of a horse can have an impact on confidence in the saddle. We make time to observe your interaction and would always advise choosing a horse you are truly comfortable to handle on the ground.

Buying a horse is exciting as well as a big responsibility, and so much more enjoyable if done without worry or pressure. Spending time at MSC allows you to get to know us and see what we do, an ideal opportunity to discuss the best way forward. It's important for us to help you make the right decision based on your level of riding and current experience.

We encourage prospective buyers to arrange a visit simply to meet us and discover an alternative way to find the right horse which is less stressful and more satisfying for everyone involved.

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