Training for your horse

Training for your horse

Our unique Foundation Training Programme has helped hundreds of horses overcome fear and grow in confidence to become safe dependable partners in the great outdoors.

If you feel your horse can benefit from our approach to NH based training please contact us to find out how we can help.

One of the most rewarding ways to experience riding is to feel you “belong” on your horse in the great outdoors;

Exploring the countryside is the ultimate stress buster with the wind in your face or the sun on your back. We live this dream every day working through our unique Foundation Training System with the horses in our care.

Correct preparation and education is the key to safe hacking, and our NH based training helps horses cope with all the outside world throws at them - flags, flapping plastic, umbrellas, wheelie bins, or sudden explosions. Being comfortable to walk calmly in open spaces among a field of sheep is a priceless gift for the leisure rider.

The perfect all-rounder needs a widening education to deal safely with sudden 

and unexpected situations they are never exposed to inside a manege. We have taught these skills to hundreds of horses for more than thirty years, and once they graduate, they are as versatile as you ask - Le Trec, Sponsored Rides, local shows and more.

Interest in what we do is growing, and increasingly we are asked how we do it. Buying a horse isn’t only a financial investment, it’s an emotional one, and discovering your horse has gaps in his ability to manage hacking alone, separation anxiety, or fear of open spaces is deeply upsetting; we receive numerous requests to retrain these horses for their owners.

For help with your relationship, or a search for that special friend, please contact us for advice and support.

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