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Training for your horse

Our unique Foundation Training Programme has helped hundreds of horses overcome fear and grow in confidence to become safe dependable partners in the great outdoors.

If you feel your horse can benefit from our approach to NH based training please contact us to find out how we can help

Mysafecobs Fergus

Hi Avril,

I just wanted to thank you again for everything you, Annie and Michael have done for Fergus. I still can't quite believe the changes I saw in him on Saturday. I know I've already said it but he really is like a completely different horse. Well that's not completely true, he's still essentially Fergus but without the worry and the stress. I'm sure you are told this time and time again but what you do really is life changing. I know his training isn't anywhere near completed but after seeing him at the weekend and how different he is, I'm sure that he will be coming home to me when you think he is ready to. If Fergus is going to come home, he'll be with me for a very long time so it will be well worth the wait now.
I loved the video of the course on Facebook and the photo you put on there of me looking at Fergus says it all really.
Thanks again for ageing my horse, you do such a brilliant job.

Take care

Arlene X


Early training days

Dear Avril,

I have now had Cassie home 4 weeks, and we are at the end of my self-imposed probation period. What can I say? we have a long way to go yet but our collective confidence is growing daily both in the school and out hacking alone. I have not ridden out with another horse yet but must work on this as a next step.

Although other livery owners have said he has bucked in the field, I have not seen this and he certainly has not even thought about it when we are riding.
I can get him in, tack him up, ride out the yard in whatever direction I choose.

We can stop to talk to motorists and saunter past very large farm machinery. Dogs in gardens aren't worth even the time of day, but a section of road with cows on both sides still causes a little anxiety and increase in pace.
Six months ago I could not ride out of the yard, even with another horse, reliably getting "up" instead of forward.

I am so glad, every day, that I sent him to you. Its been well worth the money, the heartache(!), and the long period without a horse. I only wish that I had sought professional help earlier and would recommend My Safe Cobs to any one.
I would not not buy a horse from anyone else and my advice to others, both sending their horse to you for training, or buying one of your horses, is that they must (not should) attend your FOUNDATION COURSE before they take their horse home. I have many years experience with horses, in a variety of disciplines, but the Foundation Course gave me the tools to succeed with Cassie once I brought him home.

Cassie is now a joy to own and comes galloping down the field the moment he sees me. Alas I am under no illusions, I think it is all cupboard love!

My regards to everyone at My Safe Cobs, and hope to see you again in the not-too-distant future.


Hi Avril

Just a quick check in - actually the more I ride Mac the better it gets.
I think you've done a brilliant job. The spraying is no longer any concern and every ride is so good and thanks, it was worth every penny.

I would recommend you on the basis of Toby alone but Mac's training has reinforced my views. Riding is now the total pleasure it should be and I'm so happy I found your website!

I can't get over that I can go out riding any time I want without trying to find a companion for security! I'm actually enjoying the freedom of going out by myself and not seeing it as objective to be achieved.

An update now that Mac's been home for a month. He continues to be such a lovely ride and so relaxed in the yard. I've been taking him out on his own to establish our relationship and I can honestly say I haven't had a moment's worry on him. I've never had this before with any horse - and it's even more surprising to me when I think how often I fell off Mac before with his spooking and spinning. It gives me the confidence to approach objects like a parked forestry tractor filled with logs and flapping flags on the ice cream van which I wouldn't have dreamed of doing before

Today I went out with a friend who hadn't seen Mac since he got back. She noticed the difference straight away (actually so did my farrier who had been a bit sceptical about the length of time Mac was away. He's quite gruff and doesn't talk much but as he was leaving said "that's a completely different animal -never known him so at peace with people". The farrier shod him for the previous owner and has known Mac for a few years).

Kind Regards,


Watch us help Mac become a safe reliable pony for his current owner

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News of Samson.

Sam continues to delight - he is very well mannered thanks to your training, Avril. He has done lots since he left you, driving in Swansea - attending with me the Talland school of Equitation where he was the hairiest horse there! and lots of driving and riding. We went out today; the two other horses (keen ones) were off with the wind. Not Samson, we wended our way in a sedate manner getting there in the end.

I would like to confirm for him to come to you in Sept - he needs work on farm animals - OK with sheep now but very wary with cows. He is much more settled in himself since you had him, I'm not sure how joyful he is but seems content. I enjoy reading about the other horses you have.


Thank you for training Tinker

Hi Avril, sorry it's been so long, just wanted to let you know how Tinker is getting along. Tinker has turned into a lovely young horse, he has been ridden 5 days a week by myself and since October a young girl of 12 has started taking him to riding club at the weekends.

I'm so glad I kept him in the end, I've had several people want to buy him now and there is no way I would part with him. My friend who is quite a nervous rider borrows him once a fortnight for her instuctor to ride to hack out as part of her lesson and he is desperate to get his hands on him. He says for the type of horse he is, he has never ridden anything so responsive.

He looks so different now he is fully clipped out and hogged, I will put some photos on for you. He also has an amazing jump and to say last year I was a rider who wouldn't jump.

Anyway I just wanted to thankyou for everything. Without your help and training I don't know where my boy would be now. I have 2 beautiful safe cobs to keep me busy and a waiting list for them, when the day comes that I can no longer ride, which I am planning on being quite a long time yet.

He had 5 weeks off due to snow and ice,I fetched him in lunged him for 10 mins got on took him 2-3 times round the field then for a hack and he never put a hoof wrong, he has been back in work for a week now and seems all the better for the break.

Thanks Mel,Tinker and Paddy

Thank you Avril

In August 2009 I bought a cob who was advertised as a “confidence giving safe hack……” However, my early experiences showed there were large gaps in his training which prevented him being able to give me the confidence I was looking for.

I placed Toby with Avril for training as I had been very impressed with her wide knowledge, experience, and philosophy of training. I felt that any training must be thorough and complete and ultimately produce a horse which is happy to work in partnership with his rider.

The horse that Toby has now become is a true example of Avril’s skill and patience. He is relaxed and calm, has excellent manners and can deal with new experiences with maturity. He is a totally different animal than the one that arrived at MySafeCobs and I can wholeheartedly recommend them.

Teresa Kentish

To Avril and all the team at MSC


I just wanted to say a big "THANK YOU" for all your care and work with Puzzle over the last five months.

Your hard work and support have now found Puzzle a great new owner and home. It's also nice to be able to follow Val and Puzzle's relationship building via her website diary.

Many regards to you all, and long may you be able to produce quality riding horses that people can trust and enjoy long term.

Caroline Pirouet x

I had to sell my beloved horse

When I changed my job and moved nearer London from rural Norfolk, it quickly became clear that it was just not possible to keep our horses on. Puzzle,an exceptionl little cob on loan from Avril was going back home, Millie was going back to her local owner, but Marley, my 15.2 hand cob was going to need a new home.

It is like losing one of the family but Avril was absolutely brilliant with him. She quickly got the measure of his personality and his abilities, sorted out some of his idiosyncrasies and transformed him into the beautiful boy I had always known was in there but lacked the experience to produce.

Then she matched him up with exactly the right kind of new family, and made sure the relationship would work before finally giving it the green light. I could not have been happier - my lovely boy had a super new home and Avril did all the work for me to make sure it was the right match and that Marley was able to show himself at his full potential. I couldn’t have asked for more. She was so supportive, helpful and insightful, providing a very professional service.

Lilian Wiles