Hi Avril

Just a quick check in - actually the more I ride Mac the better it gets.

I think you've done a brilliant job. The spraying is no longer any concern and every ride is so good and thanks, it was worth every penny.

I would recommend you on the basis of Toby alone but Mac's training has reinforced my views. Riding is now the total pleasure it should be and I'm so happy I found your website!

I can't get over that I can go out riding any time I want without trying to find a companion for security! I'm actually enjoying the freedom of going out by myself and not seeing it as objective to be achieved.

An update now that Mac's been home for a month. He continues to be such a lovely ride and so relaxed in the yard. I've been taking him out on his own to establish our relationship and I can honestly say I haven't had a moment's worry on him. I've never had this before with any horse - and it's even more surprising to me when I think how often I fell off Mac before with his spooking and spinning. It gives me the confidence to approach objects like a parked forestry tractor filled with logs and flapping flags on the ice cream van which I wouldn't have dreamed of doing before

Today I went out with a friend who hadn't seen Mac since he got back. She noticed the difference straight away (actually so did my farrier who had been a bit sceptical about the length of time Mac was away. He's quite gruff and doesn't talk much but as he was leaving said "that's a completely different animal -never known him so at peace with people". The farrier shod him for the previous owner and has known Mac for a few years).

Kind Regards,

Teresa Kentish

Thank you for reading