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About Us


History of Mysafecobs

Mysafecobs is an interactive website which developed organically to showcase our lifelong passion for sympathetic and classically trained horses for the non-professional rider to enjoy in natural environments. Our deep interest in horse behaviour and bio-mechanics combine well with modern day principles of Natural Horsemanship, benefiting horses of all types, regardless of age or breed both physically and psychologically.

In the early 80’s, Avril began creating the blueprint for a unique Foundation Training System for horse and rider which was successfully taught to pupils, clients, and horses, from weekly riders to dressage and eventers, competing at every level. Mysafecobs is committed to promoting the key foundational principles of horsemanship for the recreational horse and rider through diverse channels, multi media, courses, and training.

Our small team of committed riders have worked closely together for years to ensure each horse is cared for and trained as an individual in ground work and riding. Preparing horses to cope with the sights and sounds of an increasingly urbanised society requires a profound understanding of every aspect of behaviour; we believe every horse should be given the opportunity to live as part of a herd, to be listened to and handled and ridden with integrity. We recently created the Natural Horsemanship Centre so that riders of all ages and abilities can join us in exploring different aspects of groundwork and riding through informal visits, individual coaching and clinics.

Our personal involvement with each horse's emotional and physical development means we truly get to know them and their individual characters. Careful matching horse and rider is important to us as we get strongly attached through working closely with them for several months or more. We welcome and love every horse in our care and while they are with us they are definitely part of the family. We hope you enjoy the website and look forward to meeting you soon.